Custom Kitchen Countertops

Custom Kitchen Countertops

Homeowners take their kitchen remodeling seriously because most of the added features become a permanent part of the way the room looks for several decades. Appliances may come and go, but your cabinets and countertops are likely to outlive you. Obviously, there is a lot of pressure to find the perfect countertops, and trends have changed significantly over the years. For example, stainless steel countertops are still popular, but the rising cost of granite has caused the stone to fall out of favor. However, with a little bit of insight, you will have knowledge of the top six trends in countertops that are well-known classics.

Concrete kitchen countertops

It may come as a surprise, but concrete is one of the most durable and inexpensive surfaces you can purchase for your kitchen countertops. In addition to an unfinished appearance, it is common to treat the surface to maintain anti-bacterial qualities. There are also a variety of stains and other treatments that can be used to give concrete countertops a unique look.

Classic stainless steel countertops

Stainless steel is commonly used in professional kitchens for good reasons. Mainly, it does not rust, need maintenance, and it does not commonly deteriorate. In other words, it is practically indestructible. Because it is a silver color, you will find it easily fits with your current design scheme.

The natural advantage of wood

Wood inherently protects itself from bacteria, and this makes it a natural choice for the kitchen. Along with your butcher block-striped pattern designs, there are also several styles of wooden kitchen countertops that use one large piece. Without a doubt, wooden countertops add natural glamour to your kitchen that will never go out of style.

The ever-changing patina of zinc or copper countertops

We are all familiar with the light green color that accompanies copper metal fixtures in the outdoors. This reactive process is called patina. Inside the home, copper metal countertops can be polished and kept a solid bronze color. Alternatively, zinc cannot be polished in the same way and will continue to react to the air indefinitely. For these reasons, zinc is a material that will amaze you with its patina changes over the years. Unlike copper, zinc countertops have a matte appearance with a dark grey base. In addition to kitchens, zinc countertops are also a classic look for bathrooms.

Artisan-made pewter and cast iron countertops

If you are looking for a way to set your home apart from the rest, a good way to do it is with artisan-made cast iron or pewter countertops. Both of these old-fashioned materials are extremely heavy and durable. With the help of an artist, these non-porous metals can be designed to look any way you desire.

The latest trends are for bronze or glass countertops

Metal and glass are the most hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial surfaces you can find in a kitchen. However, it is difficult to find new styles of countertops that will last for decades and have similar properties. Coming to the rescue are the latest trends in countertops that include various types of glass and treated bronze. For example, bronze can be polished to look antiqued. Naturally, anyone finding it difficult to locate the perfect countertops will always be able to meet their needs with a versatile material such as glass.

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