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The decontamination and cleaning of an indoor space that has been exposed to a dangerous pathogen such as a virus or bacteria should be handled carefully and by a professional. The biohazard cleanup experts at CleanTech by Allen Keith are trained and experienced in the safest, most-effective methods of cleaning and decontamination. Our IICRC technicians are trained to remove biohazardous materials and decontaminate areas properly, operating under the highest standards of safety and using hospital-grade disinfectants that are registered by CDC and EPA to cleanse the area exposed to viral or bacterial pathogens.

Whatever your cleanup emergency–whether it’s a septic system backup in your basement or an unattended death–you need someone reliable to come immediately. Allen Keith is here 24 hours a day, seven days a week for whenever disaster strikes and whatever form it takes. Call us anytime, and a trained specialist will return your call within minutes to stop the damage from snowballing into even bigger problems while we are en route.

Biohazard Cleanup and Decontamination Services

  • Residential and Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection Services
  • Residential and Commercial Preventative Cleaning
  • Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfection Services (Commercial and Residential)

Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Services

  • Our IICRC certified technicians believe in the highest standard of care, which is why we clean all high touch surfaces safely and carefully, by hand, using a highly effective, CDC approved, EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant.
  • We follow all CDC and Ohio Department of Health recommendations for COVID-19 decontamination
  • CleanTech by Allen Keith uses only the safest disinfectants for commercial and residential decontamination. Our plant based, registered hospital disinfectant is effective in killing Coronavirus (COVID-19) without compromising indoor air quality or exposing individuals to harsh chemicals.

Trauma Clean Up Services

  • Unattended Death
  • Suicide
  • Homicide
  • Blood Spills
  • Police Department Clean Up

Whatever the circumstance, the cleanup of a trauma or crime scene should be handled delicately and by a professional. Trauma cleanup is emotional and can also be dangerous. The trauma and biohazard clean up experts at Allen Keith are specially trained and certified to safely, thoroughly, and discretely handle these situations.

Depending on the type of trauma that has taken place, there is a risk of exposure to dangerous health hazards and bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis B or HIV. The IICRC technicians at Allen Keith are trained in proper sanitization and removal of biohazardous materials. We operate under the highest standards of safety, using specialized cleaning agents, and hospital grade disinfection tests to ensure that the area exposed to trauma is properly clean and no health threats remain.

Our trained specialists can clean up the mess and repair your damage while working with your insurance company to get you the best deal possible. Our team of concerned and caring technicians will ease your mind as they go to work to restore your life to normal again. They will give you the overview of what needs to be done, how long it will take, and anything they will need from you in order to quickly complete the project. We will have you whole in no time at all. Our experienced project managers will help you with the claims process.