Basements are often untapped areas of extra space in a home. Allen Keith Construction Co., based in Stark County, Ohio and established in 1976, offers a wealth of information about popular basement remodeling trends for 2015.

    1. Gain More Livable Space With a Finished Basement
      When a family is bursting at the seams of their home, the answer to expansion could be at their feet. A home’s basement is often a cluttered storage area and laundry room. However, it is a much-needed gold mine of square footage.

      Often basements are open, with a potential of large family game rooms, theatre rooms, and entertainment areas. Today’s families are caching in by finishing their basements with walls, ceilings, and flooring. This large room is a great place to serve the extended family holiday dinners or a place to send the kids to play.

    2. Add a new ceiling with Recessed Lighting
      Basements have several negatives, such as lack of light and exposed ductwork. Take those negatives and turn them into positive basement features by remodeling. By enclosing ductwork with a variety of ceiling tiles or drywall, this creates opportunities for recessed lighting that is updated and often not available on the main floor of an older home.
    3. Meet Your Family’s Needs with Multi-Functional Rooms
      Basement remodeling trends feature multi-functional rooms with built in bookshelves, entertainment centers, and conversation groupings. This can provide space for a TV room, family room, or a great space for entertaining.
    4. Add Living Space with Bedrooms and an In-Law Suite
      Today’s families utilize basements to create expanded bedroom space for teens or playrooms for children. A full service bathroom is essential with this option.

      If the basement can be made into a walkout, another popular use of a basement is creating an in-law suite for children returning from college or for parents who may be moving in for their golden years.

    5. Increase Your Storage with Cabinets
      Basement remodeling trends almost always include some sort of cabinetry, such as shelving for books, storage for children’s toys, cupboards for off-season storage and cabinets for wine glasses and table service for entertaining.
    6. Create a Trendy Entertainment Area
      Converted into spectacular entertainment areas, remodeled basements can be designed to feature bars, pool tables and ping pong tables, as well as kitchens and food service areas. Trends include themes, such as sports bars, or 1950s diners.
    7. Tailor a Room to Your Tastes
      Basement remodeling trends often reflect the tastes and needs of the homeowner.

      • If the need is more office workspace, a basement can be refitted with desks, shelves, and credenzas
      • If the need is more family game area, the basement can be designed as a game room
      • A hobby room can house a model airplane collect, provide an indoor tool room, sewing room, or scrapbooking space
      • Movie buffs enjoy the home movie theater. The beauty of basement remodeling is the freedom to install wiring for surround sound and hanging wall-mounted flatscreen televisions – something that is difficult in the finished rooms of a home

Basement remodeling is all about creating personal space to meet the homeowner’s needs either by creating an entertainment area, a work area, or a play area.

  1. Remember the Laundry
    While utilizing space, consider updating and finishing a laundry room with:

    • Much needed storage space
    • A jetted tub for delicates
    • Counter space for folding clothes
    • Rods for hanging clothes
    • A laundry chute from the second floor

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