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Ohio Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2012

Is your kitchen looking old and outdated? Do you want a more welcoming, sophisticated space that would also allow you to entertain guests?

If you want to remodel your kitchen, then we have good news for you—you’re in with the times! We’ve gathered together the top 5 kitchen remodeling trends for 2012. For those who are thinking about remodeling their kitchens to be more up-to-date and stylish, this list of kitchen remodeling ideas is a must see:

1.   Minimalism

Incorporating minimalistic design into your home has been gaining in popularity for years, but in 2012, this trend is sky-rocketing. Less is truly more when it comes to current interior design. It’s all about looking modern and contemporary.

  • Cabinetry is becoming increasingly streamlined. Floating units are taking off more than ever before, with designers waving goodbye to unnecessary details like crown molding and corbels in favor of creating more space for storage. Cabinets that create a sleek appearance are in.
  • Disguising and concealing appliances is a major way to create the perfect minimalist look. Appliances that blend in seamlessly with cabinetry are becoming more popular, and are being taken to the extreme. Not only are fridges, stoves, and dishwashers being faced to match cabinets, but appliances like microwaves as well. Designers are constantly coming up with unique ways to conceal appliances. Built-in steam ovens and built-in coffee makers are examples of this.
  • Function over form. Increased attention is being given to efficiency and ease-of-use in design. People are spending more of their remodeling dollars on roll-out trays, drawer organizers, pantries, and utility rooms to create a cleaner appearance and increase storage.

2.   Customization

While you may think that a more contemporary look means cookie-cutter kitchen design, that is not the case. More people are working with designers to create their own special details that make their kitchen design stand out from the rest and unique to their own needs.

  • Creative cabinet designs that use unique materials to create a statement are popular. Aluminum, semi-transparent glass, and even bamboo are just some of the materials that are being incorporated into modern kitchens.
  • Countertops with custom inserts are a major trend, with people adding useful items like built-in marble pastry slabs and wooden butcher blocks.
  • Decorative light fixtures are a great way to add extra pizzazz to your kitchen without over doing it. Accent lighting, hanging lights, and sconces are all useful in creating subtle design statements.

3.   Central Living Space

Kitchens are trending towards looking less “kitcheny”. They are no longer just for preparing meals: people want kitchens that can be used as a place to gather and entertain.

  • Large, open floor plans are making their way into kitchen layouts. Kitchens that are open and blend seamlessly into family or living room spaces allow for more interaction.
  • Increased seating in the kitchen allows for more guest capacity. Bars and islands are seen as a must-have.
  • A clean design (see Minimalism) is being implemented to match the kitchen with the rest of the home.

4.   Natural and Warm

Kitchens are trending towards colors and finishes that create a more timeless appearance and reflect the beauty of nature.

  • Natural and stained wood finishes and details are being used throughout kitchen designs. Both maple and walnut are popular this year, as well as laminates that give the appearance of these.
  • Foil that gives the appearance of real metals, like copper, are being used to create warmer or more sophisticated looks.
  • Darker overall colors are being used: black being the most popular, but also dark browns and greys. Neutral colors like beigesare in as well.

5.   High-tech Appliances

With the increase in popularity of devices such as smart-phones and tablets, appliances in the kitchen are trending towards offering similar features and sleek appearances. A positive explosion of “smart” kitchen appliances is making its way into the everyday market.

  • Cabinets with sliding doors that open at the touch of a finger make a great option for those with less mobility.
  • USB ports are showing up on appliances like refrigerators, giving you the option to do a ton of cool things—like digitally displaying your children’s artwork.
  • Interactive screens that mimic the capabilities of the newest devices have capabilities such as memory settings, audio systems, and even internet connections.
  • While induction stovetops have been replacing traditional stoves for some time now, they are going to see more mainstream adoption in 2012.
  • Longer lasting LED lights are finally making their way more permanently into the kitchen.
  • Lights and appliances that are controlled by your smart-phone are gaining in popularity for those who can’t get enough smart-phone tech.

Implementing some or all of these trends into your Ohio kitchen remodeling project can mean creating a beautifully modern, functional, and inviting place for your family, friends, and guests. But remember, you want the design of your kitchen to be something that you will love for years to come, so choose styles that are timeless and suit your taste. Finding a kitchen remodeling contractor that understands this, while still being up-to-date with the latest trends, is a must.

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Date published: 2012-05-25
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